Are you guys pumped up about valentines day? What do you have planned for you & that special someone? And if you’re on team forever alone don’t worry your pet loves you… if you don’t have a pet, get one! :D


The other day, Sunday, My fambam & I went for lunch at Ridgeways mall since it was one of those lazy Sunday afternoons after church. The initial plan was to go for pizza at Pizza Inn but I remembered my friend, Amy recommended a tiny restaurant called Peppercorn tucked away in a  tiny corner at the malls’  food court. She kept going on and on about how the portions are great and the prices are fair and how delicious their food is.

I finally got a chance to try their food and boy was she right! I had several foodgasms while eating their pork chops, I was literally squirming in my chair the entire time!

I had pork chops with some french fries and salad. Which costs 750ksh (roughly 9$).  My brother had the double BLT burger and fries which cost 600ksh (roughly 7$).  They can be served with  fries/rice/mashed potatoes/salad. I know the portions were great because I got hit my a major case of The itis afterwards! :D

The service was good, great location and ah-mazing food! If you’re anywhere near Ridgeways Mall, Kiambu Road I recommend that you drop by the Peppercorn.


Porkchops (image via my phone)


Double BLT burger (image via the peppercorn facebook page)

What great new restaurants have you discovered in Nairobi?



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